We purchased a home in September and Patrick and Julie were our buyers' agents. We researched local real estate agents and were very impressed with their website and their description of themselves and their approach to assisting clients. From our very first meeting with them, we knew we had chosen the perfect realtors to work with. They are professional, knowledgeable and experienced, and at the same time they are very relaxed, comfortable and fun to work with. They are both excellent listeners, are very attuned to what you want and do not want in a home. They always notified us immediately as soon as a home in our targeted neighborhood came on the market, and Julie patiently looked at several with us until the perfect one for us was listed. Julie got us in to look at the house very quickly and ours was the first offer in. It turns out that there were multiple competitive offers, and Julie expertly advised us on a strategy that resulted in us being the successful bidder. We enjoyed working with both Julie and Patrick and highly recommend them. And we appreciate the fact that the McSharrys donate a portion of their proceeds from the transaction to a local charity and that we were given the opportunity to choose the recipient. Thank you Julie and Patrick for making our home buying experience a pleasant one!

Aileen and Doug, Glenmont

My husband and I are first time home buyers - Patrick and Julie were the perfect agents to work with.

When my husband first met Patrick, he could not emphasize how friendly, approachable he was. Patrick and Julie were never pushy with us. They only offered guidance and honesty. They were always willing to meet us anytime and in a very efficient manner. Responses to phone calls and emails were immediate.

As we went through the home purchasing process, anytime we had a question about anything - from mortgage lenders even to contractors, house cleaners, we always felt comfortable asking them and always trusted their recommendations.

They are such lovely people; we would recommend them over and over again without hesitation as real estate agents

Lynn and Jacob, Delmar

Patrick and Julie at McSharry and Associates came to our rescue at a precarious moment. My wife and I were excited to find a home that met a great number of our needs. We initially contacted an agent with a different company to put in an offer. After a bit of delay, we were stunned to learn hours later the agent would not be representing us because a prior customer of theirs had subsequently decided to make an offer on the same property! Frantic, we reached out to Patrick and Julie. They immediately re-arranged their schedules, met with us, prepared paperwork and presented our offer seemingly instantaneously. That type of efficient service by McSharry and Associates made all the difference in our ability to eventually purchase the home. Thank you Patrick and Julie!

Jim and Nancy, Delmar

Working with Patrick and Julie was a great experience. They were always ready to answer any questions or concerns and solve them together. Very knowledgeable on the Bethlehem market. Helped me sell my home quickly. Genuine nice people and a pleasure to work with.

Lisa, Glenmont

"We went to McSharry and Associates with a specific house we knew would be hitting the market soon and wanted to be ready to make a bid in the current fast-to-sell market. While we waited for that house to be listed Patrick and his wife Julie sat down with us and explained the process and best strategy for us to make a competitive and reasonable offer. They also sent us other listings during this time and went on about 4 other house showings knowing we'd probably wait to make an offer on our desired house. They did not seem bothered by showing us homes we'd probably not bid on. They wanted us to see what else was on the market and at different price points so if we didn't get "the" house we would not feel defeated. And thankfully they did that because we were out bid on the original house! We were upset about the loss but we were reassured by Patrick and Julie that we bid appropriately and that we'd find our home. And we did! Just a few months later we found the perfect home for our small family of 3 that fit comfortably in our budget and fulfilled many of the amenities we were looking for. They both we were with us step by step in the showing, bidding, inspection and closing process. And to top it off they are both down to earth, reasonable, knowledgeable and a fun couple to work with during a could-be stressful time. We will recommend them to everyone we know!"

Laura and Peter, Delmar

We were out-of-towners looking to buy a house on a tight schedule. Patrick and Julie were amazing at helping us learn about the area and narrow down our choices. They were always quick to respond and very patient with all of our questions and requests for showings. In the end, they helped us get the perfect house (one that was so popular that we would not have even gotten a bid in without their guidance). We will definitely be recommending them to others in the future!

Sam and Matt, Delmar

"Patrick was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. His patience with our endless questions coupled with his advice and recommendations for all of the issues that arose were invaluable."

Doug, Delmar

We decided we wanted to put our house on the market in the Spring of 2016. Since we needed to review the process of selling we met with various realtors and knew right away that Patrick and Julie were the people we wanted to work with. We wanted to downsize and they sent us listings we might be interested in so we could get a feel for what was available in this area. They were very knowledgeable and supportive. Their advice was spot-on. We felt they were always there for us arranging viewings and answering questions and taking care of details. When we found a house in late summer it was their expertise and negotiating skills that moved us smoothly through the process of buying and putting our house on the market and selling it in three days. We would highly recommend Julie and Patrick to anyone. They are wonderful people and a great team.

Peggy and Ray, Glenmont

Patrick and Julie just assisted me with the sale of a property in Delmar, and based on that experience they come with my full recommendation. I no longer live in the area, and they did a wonderful job of helping me from a distance prepare the property for sale. The price estimates I was initially given were spot on and I felt the sale resulted in a fair price for the property. Bottom line: I was very satisfied with their work.

Lee, formerly from Delmar

Our relationship with McSharry and Associates began when we were interested in a house they had listed, they invited us over to discuss the house hunting process (it being our first home purchase). Prepared to be sold their services, we were pleasantly surprised not only by how prepared and thorough they were, but also by the lack of pressure we felt to use their services. This was a theme that would continue for the course of our relationship.

They provided information and were responsive and available at any and all hours to do anything from answering emails to arranging showings. When we made an offer, the paperwork was completed and submitted within hours. They advised and provided information but never judged, never told we were wrong, and simply allowed us to make decisions based on what they provided. I cannot overstate how comfortable we felt throughout the process.

We are now prepared to close and move into our new home. I would recommend McSharry and Associates especially to first time buyers, but to anyone who finds themselves in the market for a home.

John and Rosalie, Delmar