How McSharry and Associates Realty Came To Be

A few words from Patrick

I went to graduate school to be a clinical psychologist but two years into the program, I decided that while I wanted to help people, I wanted to do it in a very different way than I originally conceived, and a serendipitous conversation with a realtor, led me down a new path. For sixteen years I worked for several large real estate brokerages in the Capital Region, serving over 400 families and becoming an expert on the local market.

I developed a successful business based on serving clients with honesty and integrity. My highest priority has always been to get the best possible deal for the people I represent. I am proud to be known for my strong negotiation skills, calm demeanor and responsiveness. I have helped people buy and sell commercial and residential properties across the Greater Capital Region.

In early spring 2012, my wife, Julie and I were on a long car ride without our kids. Finding ourselves in the unusual situation of having time to talk uninterrupted, we started wistfully contemplating what the sort of real estate brokerage that I would be really proud to work for would look like. The conversation quickly turned into a brainstorming session that turned into a business planning meeting that resulted in McSharry and Associates Realty opening three months later.

During that initial conversation, we realized that no company out there could give us the flexibility to provide our clients with the level of individualized attention they deserved, and that was ultimately what compelled us to take the leap. With our name on the company letterhead, we know that now more than ever it is imperative that we create happy clients who will send all of their family and friends to McSharry and Associates Realty.